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Monday, September 2024
Tuesday, September 2024
Thursday, September 2024

*Externship option available

We are pleased to announce we have an externship offered Monday and Thursday classes as of right now. We have teamed up with Beverly hospital and 3 of their outpatient labs. The externship offered is a 40 hour work week. You will put all your skills to the test, while you enhance your chance of getting a job in this competitive field. There is an additional cost of $450 for the internship program. During the first week of class you may discuss the benefits of the internship with your instructor to decide if you would like to sign up for this as well.

The individual will become familiar with all the equipment used and develop a comfort level for drawing blood. This is a hands–on course, weekly live blood draws are required, and includes bookwork and testing. Attendance is extremely important, only one absence is allowed. More than one absence will result in automatic failure. Students must pass the written exam and show the draw in order to receive their certificate of completion. This course is for the beginner which requires no previous specialized background. Class night selection can not be changed. A High School diploma or GED is required.


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  • High School diploma or GED
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