The Northeast Community Education & Training program offers adults specialized learning environments in vocational areas as well as academics, summer programs and extra-curricular activities in the evening and weekends to meet learning needs.

Community Education Courses & Program Offerings



Apprentice Programs
Northeast is proud to have trained industry professionals for over twenty years. The apprentice programs are instructed by industry professionals licensed in their respective areas. Students can earn required Massachusetts apprenticeship, journeyman and continuing education hours in several trades.
Please review each course for specific information as some coursework reflects new changes in State regulations.

Computer Courses
Northeast offers a wide variety of computer-based coursework in a multitude of disciplines. The courses range from the novice of understanding your home computer, the specialized architectural CAD program or simply enhancing skills in PowerPoint or Microsoft applications. For personal enhancement or for use in the workplace, Northeast has a computer course that is right for you.

Enrichment Courses
Community enrichment courses present adult learners with the opportunity to upgrade their present skills, pursue new ones or explore a hobby in these special courses. Students are registered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Health & Fitness Courses
Northeast encourages natural solutions for staying fit and healthy. Whether you’re taking an upbeat Latin Rhythm Zumba class or learning about preventative measures and natural approaches to improving the health of the digestive system and balancing hormones. Northeast health is a perfect choice.

Language Courses
Northeast offers foreign language courses in Spanish as well as English for Spanish Students / Ingles Pona Personas Hispanas.

MA Mandatory Continuing Education Program
Northeast's mandatory continuing education classes are recognized and approved by the State of Massachusetts. Upon the completion of a continuing education class, the examiner will award a certificate of completion to each attending student and class hours will be recorded and submitted to the State of Massachusetts.

Medical Courses
To complement Northeast’s medical coursework, our learning environment is conducive to our exceptional facilities in the areas of Health and Medical provided by our qualified instructors.

Trade Preparation
The Community Education staff encourages learners to utilize the tremendous facilities available in the areas of trade preparation. The tools and equipment combined with expert instruction promotes an excellent experience for beginners to advanced skill levels.

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy within this website as of the publishing date. All policies, procedures, tuition fees, and curriculum, however, are subject to change at any time by the appropriate action of the instructor or the administration of Northeast. This website is not intended to be a contract, explicit or implied, and the school reserves the right to make changes regarding the information contained herein.

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